Yoga for Anxiety series with Nancy Cooke, E-RYT, Yoga-Informed Therapist

Tuesdays | Oct 15, 2019 – Nov 19, 2019 | 6 –  7 PM

This unique 8 class series, designed for adults living with anxiety, combines gentle and restorative poses to strengthen and relax the body, clear the mind, and bring you into a new relationship to anxiety in your life. Each class offers a complete practice series that can be practiced at home with ease and gives you simple ways to create safe space on and off the mat for when anxiety arises.

You will learn yoga and breathing exercises to help you

  • Calm down when anxiety arises
  • Weather the storm of difficult situations and feelings
  • Let go of anxious thoughts and sensations
  • Feel less worried about anxiety

These calming restorative practices will send you home feeling rejuvenated!

Nancy is a certified Integrative Yoga Therapist at AHA and specializes in Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy. Nancy is also a certified Reiki Master.  As the founder of Pramatma School of Yoga and Complementary Healing and the author of  Rite of Innocence: Meditation Tools for Healing the Inner Child, she love helping others learn to care for the whole self to feel more empowered and emotionally balanced.

$160 for 8-class series*

$108 for half series*

$35 drop in* (if space available)

*must pre-register

Sliding scale fee available based on need– please email for more information.

Includes 2 online classes, 6 in studio classes, and bonus links to home practice handouts.