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Therapy Services for Adults

At AHA! we believe the path to growth and healing begins with choice. We offer an integrated approach to therapy and work with you to determine the best treatment to help you heal. Therapy begins with finding just the right approach for you so we offer a choice of client-centered individual counseling, creative arts therapy, and psychotherapy.

Life can be a complex journey. When it becomes overwhelming, we suffer and often feel there is no hope it will ever change. Fears, frustrations, sadness, and worry can lead to feeling isolated and lost. If only something could change!

 Therapy offers Hope for change and relief from suffering.

Therapy services provided by our skilled clinicians include:


Counseling provides a holistic, strengths-based, psychoeducational approach to therapy. Sessions become a safe place to explore inner conflicts and concerns with a skilled therapist who can join you on the path to discovering old patterns and the complex emotions that lie behind your thought patterns and reactions. Then new approaches can be explored, practiced and mastered to help reveal a new story, a stronger Self, and choices you may never have known were there.

Creative Arts Psychotherapy

Creative arts psychotherapy integrates the arts (art, dance/movement, music) into the healing process where stories can be told without having to “find the words” first. Creativity begins the process of telling the personal story and helps you find connection, meaning, and solutions to challenges. New insights are revealed providing you a path back to the person you want to be.

Traditional Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy offers an intentional interpersonal exploration of life’s challenges as they relate to your past and your family of origin. Based on depth psychology, this approach taps into the unconscious content of the psyche leading to insight, self awareness, and ultimately, relief from psychic tension that can hinder your individual well-being and emotional growth.

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Tell your story. It can make all the difference.