Red Tent Circle at AHA!

Monthly sacred women’s circles celebrating the creative soulful feminine journey of every woman.

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Connect. Move. Create. Share.

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Connection …
We yearn for it and yet – in a world so “wired” to create it for us – we often lose touch with the most important connection of all, the connection to our Self.

As women, we give in service to our families, our careers, our friends, and our communities and often skip over giving time and energy to nurture our own Heart and Dreams.

The results of our outwardly committed, on-the-go “doing” lives can leave us feeling overwhelmed, overtired, and even resentful at times.

It is in response to our collective overdoing that we invite you to practice the Art of Undoing in our monthly Red Tent Circle at AHA!

In these sacred women’s circles, we invite you to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate in the presence of other creative women as we practice mindful sharing and deep listening with Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

The Red Tent Circles @ AHA! find inspiration from the global women’s movement calling us back to honor the feminine journey of creating intentional community as a way to connect to Self, to others, and to the monthly rhythms of our lives.

Join us each month on the Friday closest to the New Moon and share your story through creative exploration in the presence of women who share the journey with you!

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2019 Red Tent Circles schedule:

July 5th: Circle of the Changing Woman

Rhythms of the Red Tent Circle
6 – 9 pm – Friday closest to the New Moon

6 pm Gathering Time: We begin Circle with a casual start time we offer homemade soup and tea while we gather to relax, connect with one another, and share stories of our feminine journeys of the day.

7 pm Circle Time:  Circle begins with a clearing ritual of burning sage to spiritually prepare the space and to welcome all who have gathered for the Red Tent. Then we “Call in the Circle” by introducing ourselves by way of our feminine lineage followed by a guided healing arts experience and creative process that invites self reflection and awareness. A sharing circle at the end allows for anyone who wishes to share about their experience during Circle Time. The Circle is then closed.

9 pm Social Time: All are invited to end the evening connecting with others in the afterglow of our sacred gathering.

The Red Tent Circle @ AHA! invites women of all ages and at all stages of womanhood to gather in community to claim space to retreat and reflect in a nurturing community of women of all ages, beliefs, and cultures.
For centuries, women gathered at the time of the New Moon to step away from the tasks of daily life and to rest during the days of their menstrual cycles. “Moon Time” brought with it the opportunity to rest, cleanse, and reflect on individual and collective Hopes, Dreams, and Intentions.

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Your Sisters are waiting for your arrival – Home!

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