This Event Is Cancelled

Friday, June 19th, 2020, 6 – 9 pm

Summer Solstice :  A Dance of Sun and Earth

These are such disorienting times – with COVID still hovering as a truth for all of us and with social injustice calling each of us to dig deep within ourselves and come to terms with systemic racism at the most personal level.

At a time when we would naturally be gathering to celebrate life and connectivity, we must remain at a distance and lean deeply into what this all means for each of us.

Without the opportunity to gather together in Sisterhood – in real time and space – my heart weeps

for the loss of our closeness

for the loss of knowing how to rise

for the loss of connectivity with each of you in Sisterhood

I have dug my fingers deep into Earth to heal this part of me that is uncertain .. and quiet.

This is a slow healing this time.


I am grieving.


The truth is … I do not feel the deep call that it takes to make the Red Tent Rise to meet the arrival of Summer Solstice.

After 42 months of Earth and ritual inspired circles, the Red Tent will not rise this month.

What has been our beautiful Sisterhood sanctuary and community for the past 3 and 1/2 years is shifting. There is more “interest” and less arrival in our Circle. And I realize I may have missed out on asking you what You are most wanting to help create a depth of connection with what calls to your heart and feeds your Soul.

And so … listening in

I hear and feel the need to



Cry and Open

to what is possible and needed



I feel this Summer Solstice is not about big and bold and wild in celebration as I had imagined.

I feel it is about listening to You if you wish to be heard in your Authentic Truth.

What do you yearn for to move into a deeper state of connection with yourself?

And … if our connection has faded and you are feeling called to find connection and Sisterhood elsewhere, I am so very grateful to have had the time we shared together. You have touched my heart and the hearts of those in our community which is a truth that will never change.

For all others, if can will grant me the grace of Time to grieve what is changing, and envision what is to come, there will be more … more creative time in community, more spiritual connection with the Divine Feminine, and more Earth Medicine practices to support the kind of world we wish to be actively manifesting together in Sisterhood.

With Love in my heart for our Sisterhood, I send you sweet Blessings,