We are honored that you will be able to Grace our Sisterhood with your presence in this month’s Red Tent Circle.   

In times such as these when we are being called into Deep Awareness of how we can safely hold space for Meaningful Connection, the gift to gather with each other by way of virtual means is one that I am so deeply grateful for.  It allows us to “arrive” in Circle with all of the Space necessary to assure that all Sisters and their beloveds remain happy and healthy during our blossom into Springtime!   

As we all lean into the call to shift and change with ease and grace in this season of unfolding, we offer you the opportunity to decide what optional heart contribution is right for you in these uncertain times.  

This practice is inspired by Lakshmi’s Flow of Abundance and is an offering to say I believe in this sacred Sisterhood and Soulful Sanctuary that I have the sweet privilege of envisioning, creating and tending each month! 

We will move through and beyond this difficult transitional time -together.

The optional heart contributions are $7  $15  $20 based on what your heart feels open to sharing as support for our sacred Sisterhood Circles. 


Thank you, sweet Sister. 


Heart Donations

All proceeds help fund the creation of our community medicinal gardens this Spring.



Your Sisters are waiting for your arrival – Home!