LPC Clinical Supervision

LPC supervision available for Masters level clinicians actively working toward the LPC credential in Pennsylvania.

Methods of supervision include:
Theme-focused verbal group process
Active and reflective techniques
Case consultations

You will gain valuable clinical skills to help you:
Define your core theory of therapy
Understand transference/countertransference as a source for clinical insight
Develop clear boundaries in the clinical setting
Overcome resistance in the therapeutic relationship
Consider timing as a core element of facilitating change
Facilitate successful closure processes along with other topics that are significant to the group

Ready to begin your LPC supervision?

All LPC supervision provided by Karen DeHaven, MA, BC-DMT, LPC



Where are LPC supervision groups held?

AHA! Studio for Integrated Therapies LLC is located at 171 East Main Street in Silverdale, PA 18962. Group are held onsite at my office or online through a HIPAA complaint videoconferencing system. Individual supervision can be held either in my office or – as need arises – by secure video conference and/or phone.

What is your availability for supervision times?

This varies and is a more lengthy discussion based on coordinating schedules. We can discuss availability after an initial complementary phone discussion.

When does group supervision meet?

We meet bi-monthly for 2-hour supervision sessions.
We meet for a 2 hour in-person group supervision at AHA! every month.
We are adding a 2 hour virtual group supervision via secure videoconferencing.
Attending both provides all necessary LPC group supervision hours for full time LPC candidates.

What is your fee for supervision?
Clinical supervision initial meeting $200 (2 LPC supervision hours = 1.5hrs intake + 30 min contract/review)
Individual supervision $90/hr
Group supervision $50/hr
What populations are you currently working with?

I have a broad base of clinical experience – from 0-3 (EI) and Wraparound, Child psychiatric partial hospital and crisis management, teens, women, and trauma in children and adults. I have post-graduate training and extensive experience in trauma, grief, Autism and sensory integration issues, behavioral interventions, medical complexity in childhood, and social anxiety.

What’s your supervision style?

I help new professionals develop a strong applied theoretical foundation within clinical work through case conceptualization presentation, supervisee driven, question-based discussions, and insight-oriented processes. We often explore transference and countertransference issues, and I consider the preferences of each supervisee to support development of theoretical concepts that they want to develop and master. All supervision is informed by a developmental lifetime perspective.

How can I get started?

I offer a free initial phone meeting (30 mins) to discuss your supervision needs, current clinical population, and my approach to therapy and supervision. Because supervision is a long relationship, it must be a good fit for it to be meaningful and beneficial for all involved.

CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call

After our discovery call, if it feels like a good fit, then we schedule an in person 2-hour initial supervision session where we explore your population interests, clinical experience, your strengths and growing edges, preferences in the supervisory relationship, and concrete supervision goals (clinical, professional development, etc.) that will define the contractual agreement between us moving forward in supervision.

In our initial supervision meeting, I will share documents to track supervision hours and review current LPC requirements. Following our initial meeting, I will draft a supervision contract based on your specific clinical and professional development goals that will provide the roadmap for our supervision work together.