Therapy Services for children and families

Children and families
Family life is fraught with growing pains and challenges. When your child struggles to communicate, feels anxious, experiences ongoing sadness, social isolation, or trauma, these “growing pains” can be overwhelming for the entire family!

By seeking therapy, you are choosing to help your child grow beyond their challenges into a place of empowerment where they are in control – sometimes for the first time in their lives.

But where do you begin?


We begin where the child begins – in the world of play and creativity! Each of our clinicians has a unique set of creative therapeutic techniques to be able to enter your child’s inner world and discover what is preventing them from enjoying the pleasures of childhood – exploration, friendships, sweet sleep, and good nutrition. Conflicts are revealed through their art, movement, play, and stories. And it is here that the healing process can unfold!

Through the use of art, dance, music and play in therapy, your child and family can find the tools to solve many problems.

Bonding and attachment issues become fertile ground for connection.

Bonding and attachment issues become fertile ground for connection.

  • Conflict turns into communication
  • Trauma transforms into Peace
  • Worry becomes a springboard for growth
  • Sadness lifts to reveal Hope
  • Dependency shifts over to self confidence
  • Fears and nightmares change into sweet dreams
  • Sibling rivalry transitions to teamwork
  • Low self esteem yields to self competence
  • Self judgment turns into self acceptance
  • While individual therapy is a big commitment, it is ultimately a commitment to your whole family – a choice that will lead to better understanding, communication, acceptance, and ultimately, a stronger bond between you and your child. And we can help you get there.

Therapy services for children and families provided by our skilled clinicians include:

Creative Arts Psychotherapy

Creative arts psychotherapy integrates the arts (art, dance/movement, music) into the healing process where stories can be told without having to “find the words” first. Creativity begins the process of telling the personal story and helps your child find connection, meaning, and solutions to challenges. New insights are revealed providing your child a path to becoming a happy healthy kid.

Floortime--informed therapy

Activity-based parent coaching model for helping your child master the fundamental stages of play and social engagement
Benefits young children (age 2-7) struggling with Autism and other developmental delays

RDI-informed counseling

Relationship Development Intervention – Play-based parent coaching model for school age children ready for learning essential engagement and friendship skills through the development of a social activity-based home practice
Benefits children (age 5- 13) living with social anxiety, social learning differences, ADHD, and developmental delays including high-functioning Autism

Cognitive behavioral play therapy

Therapy approach that helps build healthy understanding of how our body messages, thoughts, and actions effect one another and how to change our response to triggers in both mind, body, and behavior.
Benefits children coping with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and neurodevelopmental issues

Attachment--focused EMDR

Therapy for trauma recovery that focuses on healing relational trauma and helps build coping skills and emotional resilience following trauma.
Benefits children who have experienced trauma due to death, divorce, medical complications, social differences, family loss and adoption

Child-centered play therapy

Play therapy offers a safe place for children to tell their story while engaging their healthy creative mind. By playing out their story, children find ways to explore “the scary stuff.” With a skilled and compassionate therapist, the old story based on negative core beliefs transforms into a new one based on positive core beliefs that supports the growth of a happy, healthy resilient child.
Benefits verbal children struggling with difficult emotions and behaviors.

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Healing today for a better tomorrow.