Group Motion Workshop

We are thrilled to invite you to join us for

a COVID-respectful in-person dance improvisational workshop

Saturday, October 3, 2020 @3-5 pm

Dance workshop will take place in the secluded private outdoor gardens behind the main building, surrounded by beautiful gardens and with plenty of room for social distancing.

What to Expect at a Group Motion Dance Workshop

Guided improvisational movement-structures accompanied by live music.

We welcome everyone (no dance experience necessary) interested in exploring expressive movement, connecting with yourself and others, and experiencing a fun time as well!


Wear a mask and garden friendly shoes to dance in

Water, a blanket or yoga mat for ground work


MASK PROTOCOL  |  Safety first!

Masks are required while you move around the gardens and indoors to use the facilities.  There will be enough room on the lawn that we will not require masks when dancing at least 8 feet apart, but we ask that you wear a mask at all other times.



Please park in the AHA! lot or across the street at Bolton Farm

(Please park with front of car facing AWAY from the market)


ENTIRE EVENT IS OUTDOORS.  Please enter through the gate to the left of the building and come up to the deck.  There will be a check-in table where you will be asked some basic screening questions, have your temperature taken (with a temporal scanner), and be given a quick smell test.


A bit about how Group Motion started … The Group Motion Workshop was conceived in 1971. Brigitta Herrmann’s instruction in interaction accompanied by live music by Manfred Fischbeck and other musicians birthed a specific series of guided improvisational structures, with focus on breath, sound, and movement qualities that emerged as the blue print of the Friday Night Workshop. It evolved and has continued as a weekly ritual since then, as a practice of dance and interactive games of self expression, communication and play, accessible to people of all ages, cultures and gender, in Philadelphia and other locations, nationally and internationally.