Discovery Club @ AHA!

In this fun group-focused club, kids are invited to explore interpersonal relationships through creative arts and science projects, fun outdoor game activities, as well as mindfulness exercises and nature experiments.

The Discovery Club at AHA! helps build your child’s curiosity and awareness of others. Group activities focus on intermediate level social skills through shared play, cooperative conversation, idea negotiation, and basic peaceful conflict resolution skills.


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Fall 2019 Program

This Fall, DISCOVERY CLUB Kids will find practice space for making great friend connections in activities created to support BETTER COMMUNICATION and SUCCESSFUL COOPERATION.

We’ll be creating a CLUB BANNER, playing COOPERATIVE LEGO games, and making ART projects that require FLEXIBLE THINKING and CO-OPERATION … all while having so much fun turning up the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with every project and connection made!

Kid-friendly, social clubs help your child tap into their creativity, curiosity, and adventurous spirit!  Our year round programs offer fun, safe social skills practice within an inclusive-based community that not only respects differences but also celebrates the gifts that differences bring.

WHEN: Dates coming soon

WHERE: AHA! Studio for Integrated Therapies LLC
171 East Main Street, Silverdale PA  18962

WHAT:  Group banner, cooperation games, Lego projects, “stained glass” windows, collaborative art projects … and MORE for ages 8 to 12


FALL Club Membership: ($357)
Includes weekly groups and all Membership benefits (below)

Fall Club PLUS Membership: ($757)

Includes weekly groups and member benefits  PLUS  4 additional 45-minute individual family or child sessions to incorporate an individualized component to help your child optimize their Club experience.

With your Free Membership, Club Kids and their families receive:

  • 2019 free membership to AHA! ($60 value)
  • Club welcome box and member badge (with lots of good stuff kids love!)
  • Free 15-minute monthly phone call to discuss progress and ask questions
  • Family discounts on all 2019 special events
  • Discounts on affiliate services (integrative practitioners)Sound like what you’re looking for?Getting started is simple – as easy as 1-2-3!

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