In this hurried world we live in, teens today struggle to manage and cope with the pressures of school, social expectations, and peer pressure that can often leave them anxious, worried, and stressed.   When this happens, their growing bodies flood with stress hormones that can result in poor concentration, hyperactivity, family conflict, and even acting out behaviors.

Then everyone feels stressed!  Misunderstandings accumulate and everything gets muddled … including your teen’s self confidence and self esteem.

At AHA! we help teens step out of the stress cycle through our yoga and meditation classes.

We developed these fun, creative yoga classes to help your teen learn how to BUST STRESS and EMBRACE HAPPINESS!

We focus on fun and challenging yoga poses and mindfulness practices that can help

  • Improve concentration
    • Decrease stress and anxiety •
    • Increase balance, strength, and coordination •
    • Enhance physical and emotional flexibility •
    • Heighten awareness of self and others •
    • Promote social empathy •
    • Support self calming •


SIGN YOUR TEEN UP for a $5 Introductory class.
If they like it, we’ll put this toward your first purchase of a class card