Red Tent Circle


Honor our Feminine Journey


Friday, October 20, 2017
6 – 9 pm

“…And She dances and spins toward darkness all dressed in autumn fire. To descend to the time of shadow, and rest from the world’s desire…”
–Shekhinah Mountainwater

Join us as we deepen into autumn, into the sacred self, into the well of life.

The veil is thin as the Wheel of the Year turns, toward Samhain.

We will honor our female ancestors in an altar blessing and create blessing bundles to adorn our home altars and nurture us throughout the darker months.

For Samhain, we honor those who have moved through the veil. Please bring phtoto of your ancestor for the altar (you can take it with you after the ritual). Since we are all the earth’s children, your “ancestor “ may not be a blood relative but a woman whose life inspired or influenced you.

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