Gather your Energy Autumnal Wellness Retreat for Women

Find your holistic prescription for healthy living this Autumn

Join this one-day holistic retreat to learn and experience the effects of the many natural solutions available to thrive in Body, Mind and Spirit this season.

YES! I am in! $87

With the winds of Autumn come the deep call to shift our attention inward as we lean into the space where self care and attention can be the difference between illness or wellness.

Rise above the allergies, sniffles and aches with deep self care practices to help you navigate this big seasonal change with grace.

In this full day retreat, you will be introduced to holistic practices that support health and wellness during Autumn by strengthening your immune system through mindful choices and actions.

We will create sacred space in this women’s retreat as we explore healthy living practices including embodiment exercises, self massage, wellness kitchen recipes, mindfulness eating, grounding yoga poses, breathework, and more.

Retreat Information:

Registration: $87
Sunday, November 18, 2018, 10 am – 4 pm
Registration closes November 16th, 11:59 PM EST.

 There are ONLY 15 seats available. Registration is required.

You will learn:

  • Movements that help heat the body in Fall and Winter
  • Easy recipes for turning your kitchen into your own personal apothecary
  • Massage practices that help boost your immune system during cold season

And …

  • How simple yoga poses can help steady Mind, Body and Spirit during seasonal transitions
  • How breathe practices can support everyday mindfulness
  • How Daily choices can lead to a happier healthy entrance into the holiday season ahead

Yes please! I am ready!

You will be guided on a journey through the many ways to promote wellness as a holistic living practice to help you

  1. Strengthen your immune system
  2. Listen In to what your body is telling you
  3. Make mindful choices based on your own body’s needs
  4. Rejuvenate in a community of like-minded women


This workshop is for women who want to head into Autumn boldly empowered with a holistic action plan and with the tools to build an immune response that can handle allergies, colds and flu season with ease and grace.

Are you ready to embrace wellness with a big juicy warm hug? Then Say Yes to YOU!


Do you still have questions? Contact Karen at to start your retreat journey!

Retreat schedule:

Please arrive at 9:45 am to settle in so we can start on time

10 AM: Opening circle and welcome
10:20 AM: Dance Your Dance | Autumnal Spiral Warm up
11 AM: Culinary Elixirs for Wellness
11:45 AM: Home Spa Self care practices for respiratory and body health
12:45 PM: Light lunch and mindful eating
1:30 PM: Grounding yoga practice for warmth and wellness
2:30 PM: Breathework exercises for mind centering
3:00 PM: Foot Massage practices for supportive sleep
3:30 PM: Community circle and action plan development
3:45 PM Closing circle at AHA!

“It’s not enough to pray and meditate. You must act if you want to see results.”
~ The Dalai Lama

I am all in!

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