Be the Temple – Ecstatic Healing Event for Women

Your body is the Temple for the Mystery to dance Herself awake!

Sunday, October 28, 2018
2-5 pm
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Be The Temple is a spiritual awakening and women’s empowerment dance event based on the healing and shamanic roots of belly dance. If your soul longs for a spiritual path that merges a passionate duet of sensuality and deep reverence, of raw archetypal Goddess wildness and heart opening surrender, Be the Temple is an offering to your deepest self.

Be The Temple is emotional depth, juicy enlivening, and spiritual nurturing. This belly dance workshop serves both as an introduction to the transformational, ecstatic healing power of Sensual Embodied Awakening Bellydance (SEA Bellydance) and is also a delicious recharge to help you shine ever more brightly in the world.

You are welcomed to join whether you are an experienced dancer or have no dance training. All ages and sizes are welcomed!

Watch this video about SEA Bellydance with Tara Star


With sensitive guidance and inspired narrative, belly dance teacher and embodied awakening guide, Tara Star, will invite us through mystical doorways that we will hold open with our intention for the imaginal realms to appear. The intention is to be available for the Mystery beyond the veils of illusion to dance us awake and be swept into the intelligent ecstatic healing life force energy.

We will begin with some gentle guided movement and a relaxed inquiry into the deep well of wisdom that lives and breathes as the body Temple. We’ll dance with veils to explore the many faces of the Feminine and to invoke transformation. We’ll dive deep into an experiential meditation to anchor into infinite potentials, to embody the passion of the life force and follow with a touching gratitude warm-up dance.

We will then continue with a movement ceremony that will include inspired dialogue and an in-depth exploration of the Sacred Shapes of Bellydance. These shapes raise our vibrational intelligence to release habits of body, mind, & emotion, allowing us to rejuvenate in currents of bliss. The Sacred Shapes of Bellydance awaken different aspects of the universal energies similar to the energy cultivation practices of qi’gong, tai chi and yoga. A dance of embodied empowerment will follow as well as some rejuvenating rest. We’ll end our time together with some tea and vegan treats enjoying some relaxed socializing and connection.

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This work is sacred, so please consider how you may arrive in a way that will honor your own sense of divinity. Come dressed comfortably, fresh and in a spirit of welcoming the highest potentials for yourself, for one another, and for the greater world.


Tara Star Dancer is the founder of Sensual Embodied Awakening Bellydance (SEA Bellydance)- a spiritual awakening path for women who are craving depth, sensuality, divine recognition, and sacred wildness in their lives.

For over 11 years, Tara performed as a bellydancer while living in India, Malaysia, and Thailand, in over 1200 shows in some of the most exclusive venues in the world. Her travels as a performer allowed her to study varied yoga, Tantra, Taoism, emotional release, and meditation practices. In 1994, Tara started her training in emotional release work and has facilitated numerous healing workshops for individuals and groups. In 2002, Tara trained with Tantra teachers Joan and Tomas Heartfield to facilitate heart opening ceremonies. She is now fusing her knowledge with her life experience to create programs that connect and expand mind, body, and spirit.

Re-claiming both the sacred feminine and masculine, championing embodied awakening, assisting others in their growth and healing are the underlying motivations for Tara’s performances, studies, and teaching work. Her driving force and passion for the planet is to help you move beyond  limiting beliefs and wounds to re-vision and co-create a culture based on the inherent goodness of the human spirit.

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